Kualifikasi :

- Male/ Female
- Education D3, any discipline (from medical background is an advantage)
- Min of 2 years experience working as Product Manager
- English proficiency in written (oral is preferred but not compulsory)
- Confident in presenting product by Power Point
- 1 Position available for Staff
- 1 Position available for Manager

Tentang Kami :
Thomasong established in 1970 is a reliable name for dental supplier in Indonesia.

Respected as a customer-oriented company, we believe that the keys to ensure continuous success of the company are the development and integration of trust, service and close relationship with customers and principals.

Alasan bergabung di perusahaan Kami :
Do you fit our purpose? We welcome caring, highly motivated people to join our team.

It’s the quality of our leadership, commitment of our people, and living of our values and behaviours that make Thomasong a great place to work. If our way of doing things appeals to you, then please let us hear from you.

To be the leading and largest distributor in dental supplies in Indonesia market.

1. To educate, market, and distribute dental unit, equipment, instrument and supplies that are supported by reliable, quick and satisfying after sales service.
2. To be a strong business entity that is trustworthy and professionally managed.
3. To add value to the stakeholder (customers, employees and owner).

Fungsi Kerja :
•  Pemasaran (Komunikasi)
Industri :
•  Perawatan Kesehatan
Jenjang Karir :
• Pemula
• Staf Senior
• Manajer, Departemen
Pendidikan :
•  Diploma
Jurusan :
• Kedokteran Umum
• Ilmu Kedokteran
Jenis Kelamin :
• Laki-laki
• Perempuan
Pengalaman Kerja :
•  2 Tahun