Kualifikasi :


  • Available to allocate a minimum of 3 hours per week for a duration of 6 months. 3 hours is a minimum, the more the better.

  • An experienced hiring manager (digital marketing industry will be a plus). Your work experiences will be of help and benefit students the most in finding their next job.

  • Passionate about education and obsessed about seeing our students succeed: we want to build a culture of people obsessively passionate about our mission and the impact we can have on the lives of millions of people.

  • High empathy and great communication skills. You will be spending most of your time talking to students, understanding their worries and dreams, while helping them to see their strengths and guiding them toward the next phase of their career. You will need to constantly motivate some of them especially when the job search process is not going well and cheer for some others who have successfully been hired.

Willingness to learn and improve. Unhappy with business as usual, you are constantly looking at new opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your work and how things are done.

Tanggung Jawab :

They say helping others makes you live longer.

What about helping students to find their dream job? 

Our career coach says it definitely brings you joy and happiness.

Our students dream of building a career in a digital marketing role. You may use the skill and success in digital marketing that you have now, to help the next generation prepare for the digital marketing world by guiding them in the right direction. It includes working on their life story and achievements to be shown on their CV, guiding them with mock interviews, and providing them with referrals in companies you are connected with.

Additional benefits:

  • Networking - build a relationship with other instructors, career coaches, etc

  • Extra income - we are paying a competitive hourly rate

  • Flexibility - you can do it at the comfort from their home for just a few hours per week 

  • Tap into curated talent pool - You can eye the top fresh talent in the market and hire for your own company


Some of our students are making a career change into the digital marketing field, some are fresh out of college, and others are looking for better opportunities.

100% of our students have been successfully hired. We aim to help thousands more launch the next phase of their digital marketing career. :)

Be part of their journey by:

  • Conducting 1 on 1 discussion with students to craft a CV that truly reflects their best self

  • Organizing mock interviews to prepare them for real ones

  • Providing guidance on expected compensation packages in job offerings

  • Being part of the support system to overcome difficult job searching experiences

  • Celebrating their achievements once they are hired

Read a story on how valuable your experience can be for the student, here: https://revou.co/journal/student-giska/ 

Alasan bergabung di perusahaan Kami :

Our promise to you (ie. benefits):

Our first promise - the ride of a lifetime

You will be joining the company in its most exciting phase, where things will move and change at a crazy pace and where the impact you will have on the overall business trajectory will be huge. You will witness the rapid scaling of our organization from just a few of us (we are still a small team of <15 people) to hundreds of incredibly talented and diverse people in the months and years to come.

The second promise - a good place to work

We are building a company that takes the growth of its employees on the same level of that of its students. It’s our mandate to make every one of our employees perform at the maximum of their capacity so that they can do here, at RevoU, the very best work of their lives. In practical terms:

    In practical terms:

    • we deeply value employee appreciation and we are going the extra mile to make

      everyone’s work feel appreciated and valuable

    • we are creating a culture of transparency and radical, caring feedback. That is, of

      radical candor (https://www.radicalcandor.com/)

    • we keep a zero-tolerance for bad management, making coaching and mentoring one of our fundamental value, not only towards our students but also towards our employees

    For a more in-depth view of the type of organization we are building, you can read some of our Founder’s thoughts on these topics:

    • https://medium.com/swlh/employee-recognition-101-how-to-appreciate-the-work-of-your-team-s-b16f834b1267
    • https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-i-learned-management-from-scaling-one-southeasts-matteo-sutto/

    The third promise – you will feel proud about your work

    We believe that finding a fulfilling career should be among the most important priority in one's life and that today’s job market offers endless opportunities to change the lives of many, for the better. You will play a fundamental role in making this possible.
    And nothing will beat the sense of accomplishment once you will see that happening. Especially once you see that happening at scale and we will be able to reach people in the most remote areas of Indonesia.


    These are the 3 most important promises we are making to you.

    If you are looking for typical ‘startup’ benefits: flexible working environment, remote setup, an attractive package (salary + shares), etc => we are offering you all these benefits as well.

    But don’t join us for these, join us first and foremost for the 3 reasons above.

    Fungsi Kerja :
    •  Marketing
    Industri :
    •  E-Learning
    Jenjang Karir :
    Pendidikan :
    •  Bachelor Degree - S1
    Jurusan :
    Jenis Kelamin :
    Pengalaman Kerja :
    •  Manager / Senior Manager / Department Head