Kualifikasi :

* Men, max. 35 years old
* Min. Bachelor degree of Information Technology or Information System with GPA min 3.00
* Understand website, HTML, PHP, Pascal, Java
* Understand and able to make an apps (website/ mobile)
* Able to work in team, innovative, conscientious, and responsible
* Having experience in IT Program Developer will be preferred
* Placement in our office Gambir, Central Jakarta

Tanggung Jawab :
* Digitalized and modernized company``s business process
* Do integrated system development
* Do company``s development in accordance to follow technology development

Benefits :
* Career path
* Supportive working environment
* 5 (five) days work after probation
* Health Insurance
* BPJS Kesehatan & Ketenagakerjaan
* Meal and transport allowance
* Training and development program for all employee
* Retirement guarantee
Tentang Kami :
PT. Duta Sarana Perkasa (Dusaspun) was established in 1982 harboring ambitions to become a prominent player in the domestic Indonesian concrete pipe market. Seeking to blend high
quality products with unparalleled customer service, the company
embarked on its journey by adopting the state-of-the-art centrifugal spinning pipe manufacturing process from Humes Corporation of Australia. Today, Dusaspun has cemented its name
as one of the preeminent precast concrete manufacturers in Indonesia. With its strong emphasis on innovation, the company has proliferated its product oerings beyond the infrastructure sector into the structural, architectural, and environmental sectors. The company also recognizes the importance of preserving our precious planet and has dedicated signicant efforts to offering eco-friendly product solutions whilst implementing environmentally-friendly processes. In 2009, PT. Duta Sarana Perkasa became one of the corporate founding members of the nascent Green Building Council Indonesia, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness about sustainable building and creating guidelines to proper green construction.
Dusaspun is proud to be supported by a 1000-strong workforce dedicated to serving thousands of clients in all aspects of our business from technical design, product fabrication, project procurement, to product delivery, installation, and maintenance. As an assurance to our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality management, PT. Duta Sarana Perkasa has duly maintained its ISO 9001 certication since 1997.

Alasan bergabung di perusahaan Kami :
Glimpse at Dusaspun Life
Learning Never Ends
“Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”

Learning is a life-long adventure. Your education does not end on the last day of school. At the Dusaspun Group, our dynamic and challenging work environment provides you ample opportunity for professional and personal growth. So discover your passion and become the newest member of the Dusaspun family! Choose to build a career here and acquire
a lifetime’s worth of invaluable skills and experience.

Future Leaders and Management Track
Our in-house Dusaspun University training program is an initiative that caters to everyone in the group from fresh graduates to even the longest-tenured veterans of the company. Coupled with promising on-the-job performance, standouts from the DusaspunUniversity can potentially be selected for our dedicated management track.

Our group’s philosophy is to always promote from within based on longstanding merit and loyalty. As such, the group takes a vested interest in developing our next generation of devoted and brilliant leaders.
Dusaspun Philosophy
Joining Dusaspun is more than nding a new workplace; it is about becoming part of a new family. We aim to nurture highcaliber, well-rounded individuals who take pride in their jobs and who enjoy working together to please all our stakeholder

Fungsi Kerja :
•  TI, Programmer
Industri :
•  Rekayasa & Konstruksi
Jenjang Karir :
• Pemula
• Staf Senior
Pendidikan :
•  Sarjana/S1
Jurusan :
• Ilmu Komputer
• Teknik Informatika
• Sistem Informasi
Jenis Kelamin :
• Laki-laki
Pengalaman Kerja :
•  1 Tahun
Batasan Umur :
• 23 - 35