Kualifikasi :

- Age max. 35 years old
- Bachelor degree from any major
- Min. 2 years of working experience in similar position
- Competent in all HR function (recruitment, training and development, industrial relations, compensation and benefit)
- Competent in all GA function (handling company permit, having knowledge of management asset and purchase request and build external relationship)
- Knowledgeble in labour laws and other related HR regulations in Indonesia
- Possess high integrity, excellent communication skills, passionate, motivated and result oriented
- Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word.
- Willing to be placed in Semarang

Tentang Kami :
Agro Boga Utama was established since 2007. Agro Boga Utama is a company engaged in the field of "food service" which provides a variety of frozen products such as beef, lamb, seafood, vegetables, chicken, duck, potatoes, dairy products and others , all of which have halal certification as well as licenses recognized and tested by the state.

Agro Boga Utama has been active for 10 years, in that age we have become a market leader who is able to become the main distributor of the Indonesian people``s need for premium quality food. The scope of our service has been very wide and accepted by all circles, both in traditional markets and modern markets. With high dedication we continue to commit to serve and meet the demand for food supplies to all corners of Indonesia.

Alasan bergabung di perusahaan Kami :
As an organization, Agro Boga Utama emphasizes to all employees and its components to comply with the predetermined positive values, when simultaneously done then this value will crystallize into a Good Culture:

is the ultimate value in everything we do-from development ideas to adopting cutting-edge technology, innovating what makes us "market leaders" in the industry.

is an absolute commitment to building a transparent and fair relationship, which will safeguard all our actions to people inside and outside the company. It is the foundation for the establishment of trust as a way to forge mutual relationships with all partners and stakeholders for the long term.

Form the value of the perfection of service we offer to all related parties as a manifestation of our desire to satisfy all partners and also consumers.

We appreciate all forms of suggestions and contributions of all parties, in order to improve the quality of service. So that formed a building process as a form of collaboration between us, partners, principal, and consumers.

Our vision is to be one of the preferred companies in Indonesia as a provider of frozen food with a wide selection of diverse, high-quality, fresh and halal-certified products.

It is this view which then makes it a form of corporate ideals and missionIt is this view which then makes it a form of corporate ideals and mission

Our Mission is to be a leading company that provides benefits, efficiency and reliability in terms of high quality, hygienic, healthy and halal products. Ensure all the needs of our business partners are met, so that the business grows and prosper. With these achievements can certainly make us as a trusted company, qualified and reliable.

Fungsi Kerja :
•  Sumber Daya Manusia
Industri :
•  Makanan dan Minuman
Jenjang Karir :
• Pemula
• Staf Senior
Pendidikan :
•  Sarjana/S1
Jurusan :
• Apa saja
Jenis Kelamin :
• Perempuan
Pengalaman Kerja :
•  2 Tahun